Me: are you really gonna have wine, cheese and cracker for breakfast?

Jessica: … uh yeah



It’s like everything I like in a story honestly. It’s not fast paced, no drama, it’s just two people going on an adventure and meeting new people and junk

I’m like a sap for stories like these you don’t understand. It’s my dream to go on a trip like this one day


So Jessica and I are listening to super cheery music

Me: I really love music that just gets you in the mood for running on a sunny day down a street filled with really cute stores and balloons and-

gorecorekitty: and bodies right?

Me: no, Jessica

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Third week of July

During the museum trip, Candy’s class and I got onto the train at the Getty when I spotted a really cute girl who had this AMAZING look, it looked like a modern Cruella Deville.

I basically slapped my face on the window going about how amazing her outfit was, next thing you know, all the guys in the class and Candy were leaning at the window staring as well and just complimenting her whole look

I just went “damn guys check out that girl, her look is really cool” and then some of the guys went off like “oh wow yeah I love her look, it’s really good” and then Candy was just like “OH DAMN”

lucawesome you fucked up

lucawesome you fucked up

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Like for real never in my life have I ever been in a place where just talking to someone, even someone I’m not super close to, just makes me so happy or makes my day. I have never experienced just meeting great people everyday until I came to Otis and I love it.

Never have I ever progressed so far as a human being, These past two years have been so amazing for me; I discovered things about myself I would have never done if I stayed home or went to some other school.

I just love this school for that and I love everyone in it!

I went to the beach with Jessica, Mike and Rex today! It was really nice to be able to just relax and listen the the waves and just squeeze my toes in the wet sand~

We saw this kid who had a freaking Go-Pro on his shitty surfboard, he didn’t even surf he just floated on the shore, it was hilarious.

I’m modeling a character on Maya for the first time and it’s actually really fun!!! I was expecting myself to hate it cause I didn’t have much fun modeling my buildings and junk;;; But then again I didn’t fully understand the program so it was just frustrating in general. Since I have a tutorial spoondere sent me, it’s making much more sense now~

I’m still getting used to it but I’m not as frustrated as I was a couple months ago to thank god for that! Hopefully I can get this done before the school year so I can texture, rig and animate it and show to Harry when the semester rolls in!


kiss my ass goodbye cause I’m gonna be chilling at the chao garden for the rest of my life

so guess who started play sonic adventure 2 battle again

It’s just as good AND just as bad as I remembered

I’ve also started playing video games again! And what’s great is that I’m not getting tired as much and I don’t get as anxious as I did before! Whenever I would give myself a break, I couldn’t fully rest because I’d worry about not working. I felt like something was constantly stabbing me in the back, nagging me to go back to work, which wasn’t healthy at ALL, I wasn’t able to rest NOR work at my fullest potential.

But it looks like things are getting better! Bit by bit

Once I go clean up my room (which I’ve been pushing off, hahahaha;;;;;) and clean up the kitchen a bit more, I’ll have a clear mind and I can finally relax~


Now that I’ve finished with Red Engine Studios and I’ve finished my part of the essay issue, I can finally relax~

I feel like drawing again! Not because I have to, but because I want to! Which is nice to have after so long. I can’t remember the last time I wanted to work on something just for the sake of fun and not because of practice or work.

I’m planning on also working on some Zbrush and Maya projects later this week~ I need to get into 3D some more and it’s starting to warm up on me (Zbrush more than Maya though to be honest)