fuck now i want to binge read yotstubato!


I need a drink

Me: oh god I hate the song Titanium
Tiffany and Jessica: oh same here

/begins to sing the song super loud


"Now that my hands are nice and cold… time to touch Sam" - gorecorekitty after dunking her hands in ice cold water

i’m sensing a theme here

i’m sensing a theme here


Fill in the blanks and tag 6 people! (don’t forget to tell them you’ve tagged them)

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Name: Samantha
Birthday: August 14
Favorite color: black, teal, gold, bronze, and gunmetal!
Lucky number: uh;; i don’t know I never really think about that
Height: 5’5” ;;;;;;
Talents: I can draw on photoshop for a whole 5 minutes without crying.

I can watercolor, I’m pretty good at life drawing I guess, I’m pretty decent at cooking (from what my friends tell me), I can make duck calls, I can pop my shoulder blades far out like a lion, I can play the piano, clarinet, saxophone, and guitar, I have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do (out of practice tho;;; I want to get back into it), and I have a really good sense of pitch (I can tune a guitar pretty well without a tuner)

Last dream you remember: I got to fly back home for the weekend and spend time with Matt (and then i woke up uuUGUGUGHHGG)
Can you juggle: does it count if it’s only 2 balls
Art/sports/both: Both. Though I suck at sports
Do you like writing: Not really, hurts my hand
Do you like dancing: ironically yes, legitimately, no.
Do you like singing: Nah. I like to scream and sing really badly on purpose but I don’t enjoy actually singing


Dream vacation: Backpacking around the world and painting everything i see!
Dream guy/gal: I don’t really think about that stuff. Guess someone who is my best friend and isn’t stupid or irresponsible? I guess the standard stuff like not mean, can take care of themselves etc. As for specifics I don’t really know cause I never really thought about it.
Dream wedding: I have never really thought about a dream wedding to be honest. I’m really bad with romantic stuff;;;;
Dream pet: Husky, German Shepard, Pit Bull, Rats, Ferrets, and hamsters (I love pets)
Dream job: Working for a really cool video game or animation company, but honestly in the future if I COULD do paintings and have galleries and stuff that’d be super rad.
Favorite song: As Much as I Ever Could by City and Colour
Favorite album: Bring Me Your Love by City and Colour
Last song you heard on the radio: I haven’t listened to the radio since sophomore year in high school unless you mean pandora?
Least favorite album: Kidz Bop
Least favorite artist: Kidz bop


Guys/girls/both: Guys most likely, again I don’t really think much about this sort of stuff? Whatever happens, happens.
Hair color: depends on the person I guess, people work different things!
Eye color: I do like green eyes.
Humorous/serious: I do like humorous people, but it’s important to be serious in certain occasions as well!
Taller/shorter: I like taller people;;;; I sort of like the idea of being piggybacked hahahaHAHA
Biggest turn-off: Dude-bros, being cocky, being inconsiderate to other people, sexist attitude, really bad fashion sense (like super bad, if they just like rocking a tshirt and jeans, that is totally cool with me), narrow-minded nature, and super condescending attitude.


vanduobones rasoire bushy-brows rimokonn dunesand cafreen

pretty much button-pusher

pretty much button-pusher


spoondere replied to your post: I WANT HOT COCOA BUT IT’S HOT OUTSIDE

I have hot cocoa if you don’t give a fuck about how hot it is

on my way

do it, have hot cocoa. forget sensibility.

i did

now i’m having tea

I bought some cocoa powder and I thought eating an entire spoonful of it would be a great idea.

It wasn’t.

I am 20 years old.